Welcome to the Emerson’s 3 Peaks Enduro 2019 !

We are back for the 8th year straight, for another epic weekend of awesome times and totally spectacular riding in the southern sun. As in previous years, the event will be held over 2 days with an epic ride on day 1 riding the best trails on the hills surrounding Dunedin. Many of these tracks are pretty challenging, especially when wet! But the time limits are very relaxed, so no one need feel any pressure. We are all here for good times, to ride with and make new friends and to challenge ourselves, no matter what our riding level.

On day two, we go to Signal hill, Dunedin’s most renowned hill covered with seriously fun trails. We chop and change the course each year to keep things fresh. Its a bit of a mix of ‘bike park’ tracks with berms and burns, some gnarly DH lines and also some old school tight techy single track

The 3 Peaks Enduro is an NON-Gravity assisted Enduro, meaning you ride up to race down. While not extreme, the distance of the race does challenge many people. This is why we offer the Challenger race as an option. In this option, we cut out one stage each day.

Each year it is the riders who really make the event such a positive and enjoyable weekend. The NZ ‘Enduro Family’ gathers to laugh, grimace, and one up each other. We also usually get a number of big gun superstars turn up too, who join in the fun with everyone else and provide inspiration and awe dropping times to shake our heads at.

From the beginning, our goal was to have a great event to share our beautiful nature and riding down here in Dunedin. So we hope you can join us here this December to be part of another great 3 Peaks Enduro !


We have 2 different race options this year, both events are of similar technical level, however the challenger removes one stage per day, so is easier physically. We will aim to remove the most technically difficult stage, however this won’t always be the case.

Included with entry will be :

  • 2 days of epic racing

  • Free beer or drinks after each day of racing

  • Awesome prizes from our most excellent sponsors

  • Feedzones on course

  • Excellent first aid support provided by Red Cross

  • BBQ with vegan options at the end of the first day racing

  • Awesome Feed at the end of the second days racing

  • $10 per rider donated to Mountain Biking Otago towards trail development

Please note, the following will be available at checkout for additional charge

Freshly designed race jersey collaboration with Loose Lines - $79

2019 3 Peaks T shirts - $35

The Classic: 7-8 stages over 2 days.

Only classic riders will be in contention for the champaign, prize money, medals and EWS qualification points. 

Adults: $150        Under 21: $100  (SAVE $20 with early entry discount until 30th September)

+$5 credit card fee will be charged at checkout

The Challenger: 5-6 stages over 2 days

We will have results for each age group in the challenger series, however there are no podium, prizes, prize money, medals or EWS points for challenger competitors.

Adults: $140        Under 21: $90  (SAVE $20 with early entry fee discount until 30th September)

+$5 credit card fee will be charged at checkout


We will continue to offer the E-bike category despite relatively low numbers in 2018. The E-bikers start together with the other riders and essentially just slot in around normal riders. We will provide E-Bike results in all age groups, however for the podium we will only call up the overall. We ask that people do not use modified e-bikes, so only production off the shelf models.  


Final schedule will be announced soon, but count on the following:

FRIDAY 29th November - Registration & Signal Hill Practice Day

SATURDAY 30th November - Big epic day out.

SUNDAY 1st December - Signal hill day. We will try finish by 3pm latest. Delicious Kai provided at the finish line

Exact start / finish and course details to be released the week before


Every year we get an amazing selection of spot prizes generously donated by our sponsors. We will also provide cash prizes to the first 5 overall men and women. Watch out on our facebook page as we announce the sponsors and some of the prizes on offer this year.


 This Qualifier event will allow EWS members to gain points based on their results, then the best three results of the year will be totalled on December 31st 2018 to generate their global qualifying ranking for 2019. From these rankings the top 80 Men, top 30 Women, top 15 Under 21 Men and Women and the top 20 Masters will be added to the reserve list for Enduro World Series races the following year. 

Riders must be EWS members in order to be eligible to collect EWS Qualifier Series ranking points / be added to the EWS Reserved List. Riders MUST have the membership before the race. So make sure you’re a member before the race if you want to get any points.



Stages must be contested on the same bike. Competitors can use any type of bike, but the best bike for this kind of racing is a ‘trail’ or ‘all mountain’ bike, normally with 5-6″ travel.

The bicycle must be in good working order and have no electronically or mechanically assisted motors. The handlebar ends must be protected by caps. Every contestant must be completely self-sufficient during the race, including the repair and/or substitution of bicycle parts (for example changing the inner tube), with the exception of technical zones (at the end of each race run).


Full face helmets are compulsory during race runs at the Emersons 3 Peaks Enduro. For the liasons (in between) stages, a helmet must be worn at all times while on public roads.


During all timed special stages approved full face helmets and knee pads are compulsory.

During all other times on the bike, approved helmets (open or full face), must be worn while riding, even in the car parks! We will have hidden marshals at random places during the liaison stages taking numbers of riders who are not wearing helmets. Riders caught riding without a helmet will receive a 2min penalty on their race time. No exceptions.

Back protection, gloves and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but not compulsory.


It is strongly recommended that all riders carry a minimum of 2 tubes, a pump and a multi tool. There is no outside mechanical assistance allowed.


Dunedin’s weather is very unpredictable and this event climbs high into the mountains, so some extra warm clothing is essential. Please carry suitable clothing, such as a waterproof jacket, thermal tops, leg/arm warmers etc.


Transfers from one special stage to another are not timed. However, there are time limits within which each contestant must complete the transfer. Outside assistance is not allowed in liaisons.


The race uses public roads during the liaisons which are open to traffic. It is very important that all competitors understand this and obey by the road code when ever on a road section.


Competitors must complete the course in its entirety, without leaving the marked trail and without taking any shortcuts. Please don't cut corners or take sneaky 'local' lines even if you know some and they are not tapped off. 


-Men, Woman.

- Age groups are based on rider age on the 31 December of competition year. 

Youth 15-17 (Under 15 riders allowed only if they ride together with an adult at all times) 

Junior 18-20 

Senior 21-29.

Master 30-39

Classic 40-49

Legend 50+



In case of a mechanical breakdown, the competitor must either fix the bike by him/herself, or with the help by another competitor. All other outside help is forbidden.

In case of accidents it is each competitor’s responsibility to help other competitors in need or in trouble and possibly call for assistance by telling a race marshall.

Contestants that pull out of the race must inform the organization.


To enter the race you need to:

- Follow the rules

- Be 15 years old or more. Under 15 riders allowed only if they ride together with an adult at all times. Please let us know in advance who this will be.

- Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signs a waiver on their behalf when picking up race pack.


Participant permits the Emersons 3 Peaks organisers or any sponsors of the event to use any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other records taken during the race for publicity, advertising, or any other legitimate purpose, without compensation to the participant.