2018 Day 2 - Course Discription

Day 2 will all be based at Signal Hill. We will have the new car park open, however we expect it to fill up quite fast, so overflow will be at the Logan Park high school carpark.

Classic race riders will do all 3 laps of the hill and Challenger riders just the first 2 laps. All riders must start from the bottom of the hill and check in with us. Absolutely no shuttles allowed.

Riders will race in reverse order based on their This will be held straight away after the event on Signal hill.

The tracks are live now on trail forks here. They will be marked tonight (Thursday). If you are out riding, please respect the track markers.


2018 Day 1 - Course Description

Here is the info for day 1’s course.

The big epic day will be split into two sections this year… 3 tricky and technical stages at Whare Flat, followed by 2 more long super hard stages including the Pineapple track/Pepper tree and Nicoles enduro line. Yip, that’s right, no Mt Cargill… we are sad about this, but it would have been too big a day to do both Whare Flat and Mt Cargill. Sorry!

  • Challenger riders will only do the Whare Flat tracks, allowing them to finish at their cars and drive to the finish BBQ at Woodhaugh gardens and await the Classic riders.

  • Tracks are being marked today (Thursday and we are doing maintenance on Pepper Tree)

  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to ride down Pineapple track (the first half of stage 4) before race day. Please walk this if you need to see it. It is not highly technical… so best to just focus on practising Pepper tree , which is definitely challenging!!!

All the tracks are live on trailforks now :

Day 1A - Whare Flat (all riders) - click here

Day 1B - Pineapple / Pepper / Nicoles (classic and Ebike riders only) - click here

See below for printable maps as well.


Saturday’s start is at the original location, at the Bull Pen on Flagstaff Road. Get there from the Octogan by going up Stuart street, then Taieri Road right to the top of the hill, then turn right onto Flagstaff road. Please park on the side of Flagstaff road.

For those in the classic event, If you can carpool or be dropped off to the start this will save everyone lots of hassles at the end, as the finish is a different location and we will be shuttling those in need back to their cars.

If you need a bag taken from the start to the finish, please leave it in the car at the startline with BAG DROP written on it. This will be waiting at the finish.

Challenger riders will only do stages 1-3 on day 1, meaning you will finish back at the cars.

On day one when you get back to the Bull Pen, we will require you to checkin (or finish for the challenger riders). We will give you your intermediate times there, so you can see how the day is going to that point. There will be a feedzone at this point too with water, fruit and lollies. Please make sure you are carrying a bottle as we will not have cups.

For classic event riders, once you finish the final stage down Nicoles, you will need to ride yourself down to Woodhaugh gardens, where we will give you your times and have a BBQ and Emersons waiting. Shuttles will start taking riders back to their cars from 2pm and we will announce this over the PA system when the vans turn up.


Coffee, EWS, Shuttles, Rules and Protection

Just 4 days to go! Hope you all have your bikes prep’d and bodies ready?

A few more things that have come up recently :


Dunedin Bike Shuttles will be running shuttles on signal hill. Current times are as below, but check facebook for updates. Thursday 5pm, Friday 4pm. Tracks will only be marked late on Thursday evening though, so if you are out riding please don’t bother them too much with questions of where the course is going!

DB Racks will also be doing some shuttles on Thursday and Friday at different times. See there facebook page for details.

EWS Numbers

If you have an EWS number, please make sure you have it with you for registration time. Its your responsibility to have this, otherwise you will miss out on ranking points.


There will be coffee available for sale at the start of day 1 and also at midway point, plus at Signal Hill on day 2. Make sure to bring cash.

Rules, Full Face Helmets and Protection

We have a section of race rules here, please do have a read!

Please remember full face helmets, gloves and knee pads are compulsory during all race runs at the Emersons 3 Peaks Enduro. For the liasons (in between) stages, a helmet must be worn at all times while on public roads. You will not be allowed to start if you don’t have a full face helmet.

During all other times on the bike, approved helmets (open or full face), must be worn while riding, even in the car parks! We will have hidden marshals at random places during the liaison stages taking numbers of riders who are not wearing helmets. Riders caught riding without a helmet will receive a 2min penalty on their race time. No exceptions.

Back protection and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but not compulsory.


This email was sent out today to all riders :

Hello !!!

We hope your preparation for the 3 Peaks Enduro is on track ! Its now just two weeks to go, so we thought we would give you a quick update on how things are going, and share some important info.

The weather here in Dunedin has been a little average unfortunately, but based on the rule of averages, that should means we’ll be getting another scorcher of a weekend in two weeks. Is that how it works? Just incase, do pack a good rain jacket and rain pants. We won’t be cancelling the race unless its biblical out there!

We have already noticed some riders out practicing some of the tracks used in previous years. As usual, we will not announce the final route until Thursday evening. Please note that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to practice riding the Pineapple track or Mt Cargill. These tracks are strictly forbidden for cyclists. Please don’t be a dick.

If you are allergic to bees, please be aware there is a bee hive at the bottom of one of the stages. Please ensure you bring your Epipen.

Entries will close on the 25th November incase you or anyone you know is still keen to enter. If you have hurt yourself and need to pull out, we are no longer offering refunds sorry, but we are happy to switch you out for another competitor if you can find someone.



  • Practice will be open on many trails all day. This is not ‘official’ and we have no medical staff, so please ride easy. This is just so you get a glimpse of what you are racing. We will send out maps and more info on exactly what trails we are using on Thursday evening around 8pm.

  • Registration will be open from 4-7pm at Signal Hill. If you can not make it to Friday registration for any reason, please let Robbie know (robbie@bikeotago.co.nz)


  • The start (and finish for the Challenger race riders) will be at the Bull Pen (click for map), on Flagstaff Road Riders. If possible, please car-pool or get dropped off. We will return those that need back to cars afterwards, but its a hassle for all, so eliminate the need if you can!)

  • Riders will leave in waves, with the faster ones going first at 9am. The final riders will leave around 1030am. We will provide you with your start times the day before.

  • The first 3 stages are in the Whare Flat area (click to see on Trail Forks). Exact trails will only be announced the day before.

  • Feedzone and Timing station (yes, we will be able to give you your first 3 stage times at this point, plus we will put this info up on our live feed) will be back at the Bull Pen. This is the end of day one for the Challenger riders. We will ask the leading riders to wait here for a while, so we re-group a little before heading off for the last two stages.

  • There will be a BBQ, music, good vibes and final timing station at Woodhaugh gardens to finish the day off.

  • Shuttles will be taking those back to their cars every 30min or so.

  • We will not be having an evening dinner this year, as Emersons no longer have enough space to host us.


  • The final day will be based at Signal Hill, from the newly gravelled MTB carpark next to Logan Park High School, yeah!

  • Start times will be in reverse order, based on the previous days results. Start times will be published latish on Saturday night.

  • First riders will setoff pedalling up the hill at approx. 9am. (NOTE : All riders MUST check-in at the MTB Carpark. Do not go to the top !)

  • We will have three stages on the hill, with riders needing to pedal back to the top between each stage. (absolutely no shuttles allowed, except for our sweeper!)

  • At the finish we will provide an epic feed, Emerson’s (and alcoholic options). For anyone wanting to purchase food, there will be limited amounts available.

That’s it for today’s update. Make sure you like and follow our facebook and instagram as you can expect regular posts building into the race.

Please flick me any questions you may still have on kashi@blackseal.co.nz