Coffee, EWS, Shuttles, Rules and Protection

Just 4 days to go! Hope you all have your bikes prep’d and bodies ready?

A few more things that have come up recently :


Dunedin Bike Shuttles will be running shuttles on signal hill. Current times are as below, but check facebook for updates. Thursday 5pm, Friday 4pm. Tracks will only be marked late on Thursday evening though, so if you are out riding please don’t bother them too much with questions of where the course is going!

DB Racks will also be doing some shuttles on Thursday and Friday at different times. See there facebook page for details.

EWS Numbers

If you have an EWS number, please make sure you have it with you for registration time. Its your responsibility to have this, otherwise you will miss out on ranking points.


There will be coffee available for sale at the start of day 1 and also at midway point, plus at Signal Hill on day 2. Make sure to bring cash.

Rules, Full Face Helmets and Protection

We have a section of race rules here, please do have a read!

Please remember full face helmets, gloves and knee pads are compulsory during all race runs at the Emersons 3 Peaks Enduro. For the liasons (in between) stages, a helmet must be worn at all times while on public roads. You will not be allowed to start if you don’t have a full face helmet.

During all other times on the bike, approved helmets (open or full face), must be worn while riding, even in the car parks! We will have hidden marshals at random places during the liaison stages taking numbers of riders who are not wearing helmets. Riders caught riding without a helmet will receive a 2min penalty on their race time. No exceptions.

Back protection and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but not compulsory.